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I’m Christoph Nauer, a certified business and personal coach. Originally from Switzerland, I’ve lived in Lafayette, California for almost 30 years where my wife and I raised 3 wonderful children.

I got my college degree in business in Switzerland, and my graduate degree in the US. My coaching career started in 2010. I learned from masters, some of the most revered management experts such as Brian Tracy, John Assaraf, and Christian Mickelsen, about leadership training, team building, communication and time management. Applying my skills from over 20 years in professional pastoral ministry, I work mostly one-on-one, sometimes in group mastermind sessions, to help business owners achieve higher productivity, profits AND better personal life, by learning to “balance 6”: money, health, relationship, time management, self-improvement and higher power. Call me “Balance 6 Coach.”

Serving business owners to become more successful and happier people energizes and motivates me. I first found fulfillment in service in my 20’s. Driving handicapped people to their appointments as a volunteer provided me solace while going through a painful breakup from my fiance. My experience as a Pastoral Associate at a Christian church trained me to care for people going through tough times and guiding their growth. My prior experience as a teacher and a scout leader have also contributed to my coaching career. For almost a decade, as a coach, mentor and speaker, I measure my success by how much I have improved the lives and businesses of others.

Higher Productivity | Better Relationships | More Profits

This, I believe, business and personal life is the yin and yang of each other, interrelated, intertwined and interdependent. No one can be successful in business in the long if their personal life is a mess. I free business owners from being enslaved to their work, by learning to work smarter, not longer. I hold you accountable for making time available to balance 6, to nurture yourself and your relationships, AND making more money with less stress. Get off the hamster wheel, and I will show you the secrets to real success!

If you’d like to multiply productivity, minimize stress, increase happiness, improve relationships, maximize team performance by motivating and inspiring each other and to have time for better personal life, let’s have a balance 6 breakthrough session. Looking forward to a breakthrough with you for a better life, and better business.

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