Sycamore Valley Park, located on Holbrook Drive and Camino Tassajara, has a playground for children with a popular recreation fountain, a waterfall reflective pond, and a jogging path that crosses the park.

The picnic area adjacent to the baseball diamonds (the entrance to the Sherburne Hills Drive) includes eight picnic tables and barbecue pits. In addition , a new group picnic area adjacent to the bocce ball courts has been added to accommodate up to 65 people.

A shading structure has also been added to the bocce ball courts for those hot summer days. Children of all ages have benefited from new play equipment, including slides, swings and climbers recently installed, as well as children’s water features in the play area. Please see the Water Feature FAQs in the right column.

Picnic Areas’ Policies and Procedures:
  • Reservations are not confirmed via telephone. Reservations are confirmed after you have made the full payment and you have received an approved reservation permit.
  • All renters must provide their own bocce equipment.
  • No inflatable structures, jump houses, petting zoos or dunk tanks allowed in parks.
  • Bocce courts are for bocce use only. Bikes, skateboards and older uses unrelated to bocce use are prohibited.
  • All outside cooking devices (taco carts, barbeques, hot plates, etc.) are not allowed in all Town maintained parks. Cooking is restricted to the park barbeques only.
  • Beer, wine, and champagne may be consumed only in picnic areas, and must be served with food.
  • No hard liquor allowed.
  • The use of generators is prohibited.
  • Smoking is prohibited  in all Town maintained parks.
  • The park does not allow to paste, tack, glue or post any sign, placard, advertisement or inscription, or to erect any sign in the park.
  • Selling, vending, or peddling items is prohibited.
  • Use of amplification equipment is not allowed.
  • Requests for exemptions from the policy must be sent in writing no less than ten (10) business days prior to the rental date and obtain written approval from or approved by the Director of Parks and Community Services.
  • No refunds on picnic reservations unless rained out.

Attractions near Sycamore Valley Park:

1.Splash Swim School

Splash Swim School was established in 2004 and immediately began to develop its current location in San Ramon. They had their official opening when the Valentine’s Day lessons started in 2006, and they’ve had a blast ever since.

2. Peninsula Swim School

Peninsula Swim School was established as a small family-owned business. They were the first school in Northern California to teach children under the age of two. They are the school of choice for parents who really want their children to swim in a reasonable amount of time. They have been featured in newspapers , magazines and television for 45 years. They taught the children of Joan Baez, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Barry Bonds and the Hurst Family in their early years. Their alumni and their parents remember their school as a memorable and fun part of their lives. Now they’re bringing their own children / grandchildren to the Peninsula Swim School for swim lessons.

3. Ultimate Sports Connection

Ultimate Sports Connection (USC) is a new gymnastics center founded by a team of amazing, highly experienced, skilled and kind and caring gymnastics coaches.

This amazing park is located near the following kid-friendly parks in Danville, California:

  • Hap Magee Park
  • Oak Hill Park
  • Osage Station Park
  • Danville South Park
  • Diablo Vista Park
  • Town Green

All of these parks are located just a short distance from our location at 1261 Locust St #9 in Walnut Creek! Stop by for a visit anytime!