Walnut Creek, California Neighborhoods

SARANAP: This semi-rural, unincorporated community that straddles the boundary between Walnut Creek and Lafayette — is like the land forgotten by the time. Properties are wide and private, streets are ideal for long walks and median home prices remain at $775,000 within reach. In the early twentieth century, Saranap grew up along a regional rail line.

PARKMEAD: Living here gives the best of both worlds to residents-a community feel and a perfect place to raise a family. The 620 households in Parkmead are minutes away from downtown Walnut Creek by foot, by bike or by vehicle. The neighborhood features the typical suburban amenities: tree-lined streets, outstanding public schools, and a varied home landscape.

WALNUT KNOLLS: The Walnut Knolls, a secret refuge, is tucked away in a serene setting off San Miguel Road, in unincorporated WC. Many of the original 1940’s homeowners still reside in the Knolls adding to the neighborhood character. Whole Foods Market and Broadway Plaza’s bustle are within easy walking distance but you’d never realize that you’re living here.

WALNUT HEIGHTS: A southern neighborhood of Walnut Creek, this area faces Mt. Diablo’s foothills, best known for its extensive property, elementary school, and famous WHO swimming team.

LAKEWOOD: Winding tree-lined roads open to hills, and ranch houses, mostly modest in the 1940s. One of the oldest communities in Walnut Creek, Lakewood is so full of traditions and residents who come together to socialize and volunteer, it seems like a community from another time. And in a certain way it is. This hilly 400-home neighborhood is quiet and rural, albeit bordered by busy Ygnacio Valley Road and Homestead Lane.

RANCHO SAN MIGUEL: It was in 1954, that Joe Eichler first took his designs across from the Heather Farm racetrack to Walnut Creek for 563 houses on 176-acres. Rancho San Miguel has been notable since then not only for its Eichler architecture but also for the culture it has built.

RANCHO PARAISO NORTHGATE: Residents in Walnut Creek’s Northgate area often share the path with riders and bicyclists at horseback. Located around Castle Rock Road, and close to Mt. Diablo State Park’s North Gate entrance, the area is a wide range of single-family homes and residences, horse ranches and stables, and a growing wine-making culture.

WOODLANDS: In this tight-knit neighborhood, wrapped around Citrus Avenue, Oak Grove Road and the Lime Ridge Open Space, it is all about culture. Young families are drawn by the great schools, and the famous Woodlands Cabana Club, which together with the Woodlands Swim Team offers summer social activities.

BUENA VISTA: Set back from downtown hustle and bustle, the community of Buena Vista sprawls west of Walnut Creek Bart Station to the Geary Road boundary of Pleasant Hill. Here, outdoor recreation thrives with an Olympic community pool and playgrounds at Larkey Park plus a network of paved walking, hiking, or biking trails.

This amazing neighborhood is located near the following neighborhoods in Walnut Creek, California:

  • Almond-Shuey Neighborhood 
  • Countrywood Homeowners Association 
  • Eagle Ridge-Rossmoor 
  • Livorna Estates 
  • Parkmead 
  • Rancho San Miguel 
  • Rudgear Estates 
  • Rudgear Meadows 
  • The Woodlands

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