Diablo Valley College is one of three two-year community colleges in the Contra Costa Community College District, which receives public support. The larger of DVC’s two campuses is located off Interstate 680 in Pleasant Hill, and the newer San Ramon Campus in Dougherty Valley serves the southern county. DVC serves more than 28,000 students each term between its two campuses, with a wide variety of program options.

Officially the college began in 1949, at some of the most unlikely sites: high schools, banks, churches, even an old military camp. Named East Contra Costa Junior College, we relocated to our new site in 1952, in ten steel buildings bought for $45 each from the Government. In 1953 the cornerstone was laid for the first permanent building, and in 1958 the name Diablo Valley College was adopted.

They have come a long way since that humble start. Since 1949 more than a million and a half students have enrolled here! As we celebrate our roots, we look forward to another 50 years of representing one of the most diverse, educational-minded regions of Northern California.

The faculty , staff, managers and students of Diablo Valley College have worked together to develop a mission statement, a strategic directive and goals to guide the college in its efforts to serve students better.

They inspire students, educate them and empower them to transform their lives and their communities.

They guide students to achieve their goals by awarding degrees and certificates, preparing them for transfer to four-year universities and colleges, facilitating career entry and advancement, and encouraging personal growth.

DVC’s faculty is dedicated to meeting its community’s educational needs, in accordance with the purposes and regulations that appear in the California Education Code.

The following statements summarize the faculties beliefs and concepts concerning this college’s purpose:

They think one of their leadership roles is recognizing our community’s educational needs. Their students come to us with a range of goals, ambitions, and skills, each bringing a certain degree of maturity and preparedness to DVC. They understand that the student needs to determine which educational program to follow but they also feel obligated to help each student make practical decisions and learn the necessary knowledge and skills for college work.

They believe good education is fundamental to the processes of democracy. So they value each student’s unique contributions and they believe that all DVC’s educational programs are equally important. They conceive of the school’s core as the student and the student as the whole human being — the sum of his / her feelings , beliefs, thoughts , and attitudes, as well as his / her physical, emotional , and intellectual needs. They therefore promote self-reliance, self-direction, intelligent use of our diverse cultural heritage elements, and a genuine and vital search for reality.

They think teaching is helping people grow in many different ways and learning is an active, lifelong process of thinking, feeling, and doing. They believe that excellent college education motivates students to learn well, and provides students with the opportunity to derive value from their learning. And when planning and discussing subject matter, they aim for a balance between specificity and generalization.

Finally, they agree that close relationships between the student and faculty lead both to learning and to make the educational experience more enjoyable.

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