Heather Farm Park was formally opened by the City of Walnut Creek on 4 July 1970. The park has expanded since then and now includes a dog park, a playground of all abilities, ball fields and much more.

Heather Farm Park provides fun for all ages. Go around the pond for a stroll, push the kids on the swings, take a hike and spy all sorts of birds or have a picnic with friends and family. The unique feature of Walnut Creek’s Heather Farm Playground is a series of covered artificial-turf mounds that children can slide down on cardboard sheets. The park offers a perfect destination for all ages. It has plenty to offer, from a stroller-friendly walk around the pond to a well-placed bench for grandparents to sit down, and because it’s just a few years old, it’s all in tip-top shape.

The original 30.000 square foot play area was one that dated back to the early 1990’s and required a significant overhaul to bring it to modern code enforcement and bring back the fun. Heather Farm Park is the City of Walnut Creek’s largest public park with an Aquatic Pool, Tennis Center, Skate Park, playing fields, as well as lakes and nature-walking trails. The City wanted a truly exclusive, destination playground that also gave children of all abilities full inclusive play. What came out of that vision was the newly developed All Abilities Playground at Heather Farm Park which opened in October 2014.

Miracle Playsystems team of sales managers & designers, through the design process, were able to support the City and ensure that the new playgrounds will work and accommodate children of all abilities. This is seen in the park with the ramps that enable a child in a wheelchair to reach the playground from ground level to a 6′ high level that enables all children to experience the excitement of playing.

There has also been an immense boost to the community since the opening in October; the city has spoken on how famous the park is and how many more people visit the park than before. The park has more than achieved what the town set out to do by bringing in more families and children. The redesign has not only enhanced the park, but has also revived the neighborhood. Now the biggest issue facing the City is how to handle all the people who flock every day to this park.

Parking spaces are plentiful, a community center and enjoyable walking / running trails. Getting out of your house and getting some fresh air or workout to start your day is a perfect activity. There are many places for photo ops which will be awesome. This would be a good place for the backdrop if you are doing photoshoots.

Amenities include Swimming at Clarke Aquatic Center, swimming pool, picnic area, community centre, equestrian centre, skate park, off-leash dog park, bike paths, playgrounds with all equipment, tot lots, sand volleyball court, fishing pond, nature pond, six athletic fields, toilets, Iron Horse Trail link.

Ball fields 3-6 are closed at 6:30 a.m. through Thursday By 2:30p.m. each Wednesday, 6:30 a.m., ball fields 1 and 2 close. By 2:30p.m. Closed March to April for refurbishment.

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All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location located at 1261 Locust St #9 in Walnut Creek! Stop by for a visit anytime!