Group Mastermind Coaching

  • Twice a month Group Coaching Sessions
  • 50 minutes each
  • On the phone or via Zoom
  • Groups of 10-12
  • Every session includes Q&A.

Group coaching can help you and your business with:

  • Goal setting and prioritization
  • Overall time management, planning, scheduling, time blocking
  • Stress management
  • Wellness strategies
  • Employee training, retention, management, evaluation
  • Leadership and team work
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Results You Can Expect from working with a Business Management Coach:

  • Make more money and work less, have 1-2 extra hours/day
  • Have more quality time for self and loved ones
  • Become a master at delegating and setting boundaries
  • Eliminate fears, doubts and worries that limit success and progress
  • Get clear, focused and on track to exceed your current “set level”
  • Improve relationship & communication skills
  • Decrease stress, increase happiness
  • Improved quality of life and better work/life balance
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Group coaching is ideal for Business Owners like you who:

  • Like group interaction & training
  • Want peer accountability
  • Don’t have a budget for one-on-one coaching
  • Want their entire leadership/management team to be trained
  • Have employees not performing and/or experience frequent employee turnover
  • Are filled with stress, chaos and anxiety and can’t seem to get control of it
  • Are procrastinating on stuff that should have been done months ago
  • Are playing too small in business and life and refuse to take the necessary action to level up
  • Never have time for themselves because the business is consuming all of your time
  • Want better work/life balance
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