Time and Business Management Vodcast

017 – Focus on Key Results

If you’re not crystal clear on why you are getting paid and what results your company expects of you, what you need to accomplish on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, it is very hard for you to perform at your best. In other words, you started your business for a reason and in order for it to be successful you need to get specific results.

016 – Interview with Rebecca Troxell

Today, I was interviewed on my own vodcast, Better Life, Better Business, by my host Rebecca Troxell, CEO of Rebecca’s Vault, the best gift concierge in the Bay Area and beyond.

014 – Work-Life Balance Part 1 & 2

Why is the topic of work life balance so important for Small business owners? I believe that when we live a well-balanced life we are the best version of ourselves. That’s why I named my business Balance 6.

012 – How to get more done

Today, I want to focus on YOU and the fact that all of you can actually control your lives even though sometimes you may not think so.

011 – How to prioritize

This technique is so simple and effective, that if applied consistently, can make you one of the most efficient and effective people in your field.

010 – How to have 2 extra hours per day

“Every minute of planning saves 10 minutes in execution.” Yes, that’s correct, in other words, spend 10 minutes planning your day and you save almost 2 hours in execution. Let’s take a closer look at how you can save up to 2 hours just by planning ahead.

008 – Goal Setting

Only about 3 percent of adults have clear, written goals. These people accomplish five and ten times as much as people of equal or better education and ability but who, for whatever reason, have never taken the time to write out exactly what they want.

006 – Proactive Procrastination

In this episode of the Better Life, Better business vodcast, we’re discussing proactive procrastination. How can you use this as a tool to improve your productivity?

005 – AJ Kahn

Today, our special guest is AJ Kahn with United States Business Bureau. Our goal is to provide the small business owner with new and innovative ways to market & manage their businesses, which will enhance their recognition and reputation.

004 – Charliette Cummings

Hi, I am Charliette Cummings, a Strategic Partner with The Rise of the Once Percent Agency. I help small business owners get more customers and clients on social media with predictability.

003 – Websites by Jeremy

Jeremy Collins is a web designer who helps businesses create websites that connect with their customers, bring in more leads, and grow their profits.

002 – Long Term Thinking

All successful people think long-term when planning their goals and deciding on daily tasks. That’s how they manage time successfully, avoid time-wasters, stop doing low-level and time-consuming activities and maximize results.

001 – The 80/20 Rule

Today, we’ll talk about the 80/20 rule, most of you have heard of it, Vilfredo Federico Damaso Pareto was an Italian engineer, sociologist, economist, political scientist, and philosopher who was born in 1848 and died in 1923.

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