We help the world’s most passionate business owners grow their business and double their quality time with family.

Balance 6 believes that we are at our best when we balance 6 areas in our lives: Time, Money, Health, Relationships, Self-Improvement, and Higher Power.

Make more money and have more quality time with loved ones!

Finally an opportunity to double your quality time with family and succeed in your business!

✅ Eliminate stress and make your well-being a priority

✅ Become a master at managing your time

✅ Look at where you are stuck and what has kept you there

✅ Tools and strategies to help you achieve your business goals

Brian Tracy Certified Coach
Brian Tracy Certified Time Management Master
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Balance 6 helps business owners who want to:

  • Work less, have more quality free time for loved ones
  • Improve productivity and profit margins, make more money
  • Learn better delegation and leadership skills
  • Experience true work/life balance
  • Have peace of mind, less stress, a sense of accomplishment and success

Are you a business owner who says:

  • I’m so busy, I don’t have time.
  • I’d like to make more money, my business needs to be more profitable.
  • I’d love to improve my work/life balance, I’d like to work smarter not harder.
  • I work 7 days a week, don’t have time off, I need more hours in my day.
  • I wish I could take a vacation, but the business can’t run without me.
  • My employees or team members are not performing the way they should, I’m doing all the work.
  • How can I get more done?
  • I never have time for myself and because my business is consuming all my time.
  • My relationship with my spouse is practically non-existent, my wife doesn’t understand me, my husband is never around.
  • I’m so stressed out, don’t have a life, haven’t had a vacation in years

5 secrets for putting your business growth on autopilot

Learn the 5 secrets to explosive business growth, apply them in your business, and watch your profits soar.

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From No Time To Free Time

Think Time Management is only about getting more work done? Think again! Brian Tracy Certified Time Management Master, Christoph Nauer, helps you find a balance in Time, Money, Health, Relationships, Self-Improvement, and Spirituality.

Comprehensive Business Coaching

Business and Life Coaching Areas of Focus


  • Productivity
  • Profits
  • Leadership
  • Staff Motivation & Retention
  • Strategic Planning
  • Money Saving Goals


  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Weight Management
  • Energy Level


  • Self Esteem
  • Overcoming Negativity
  • With family, significant other, and kids
  • With business associates and employees
  • Communication, Team-Building

Self Improvement

  • Continuing Education
  • Personal Goals
  • Talent Development
  • New Skills
  • Hobbies & Interests

Time Management

  • Delegating Work
  • Vacation & Downtime Scheduling
  • Time Blocking
  • Work/Home Boundaries

Higher Power

  • Spirituality
  • Charity
  • Community Service
  • Meditation/Prayer
  • Support a Cause

What you can expect when working with a business coach:

Setting better goals 67.6%

A more balanced life 62.4%

Lower stress levels 60.5%

Self-discovery 57.1%

Self-confidence 52.9%

Improvement in quality of life 52.4%

Self-awareness 43.3%

Enhanced communication skills 39.5%

Project completion 35.7%

Health or fitness improvement 33.8%

Better relationship w/coworkers 33.3%

Better family relationships 33.3%

Increased energy 31.9%

More fun 31.9%

More income 25.7%

Stopped a bad habit 25.7%

Change in career 24.3%

More free time 22.9%

Increased profitability of business 17.1%

Started new business 12.9%

Empowered employees 11.0%

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