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“I went to Christoph when I was overwhelmed with demands from work and family, and no time for myself. He taught me how to time block and carefully plan my day. He insisted on putting my own needs first, like having my own recharging “zen” time for 30 minutes every day after work. My performance at work improved a lot, and I was happy at home. I became the #1 manager for the entire Bay Area within my company and I wouldn’t have made it without Christoph. I brought him in to train my team about time management, team building, lead gen and closing techniques. My team’s production increased 4 times over!”

- Rebecca H., Concord, CA

“When I hired Christoph, my son and I had some relationship problems since my son became an employee in my construction company. Christoph coached me to first work together with him, then delegate and let go. My son brought in new clients on his own and Christoph suggested to make him VP of sales. My business has grown so much that we keep hiring new employees to keep up. Our relationship has improved tremendously as well. I end up making a lot more money than what I had paid for coaching.”

- John S., CA

“I was skeptical using a business coach before I met Christoph. I knew something had to change, because I would repeat the same old patterns year after year.

I decided that I needed to try a different approach. Luckily, I was introduced to Christoph Nauer. I couldn’t have imagined that in a short time, I would be so far ahead with my marketing and website strategy.

Christoph is very easy to work with. He listens attentively, is generous with his time and always gives constructive feedback. He has shown me new organizational methods that have given me tools for life and he keeps me accountable to my actions.

If you are in a space like I was, where you wanted to make a big change and didn’t know how, then I recommend Christoph Nauer’s coaching methods. If you commit to his program, you will see positive results and a new path forward in less time than you think.

Thank you Christoph!”

- Alan C.

“I had reached a point in my life where I needed some help in figuring out my priorities between work, family and community. I knew that I wanted to find someone who shared a belief that we were put on this earth for a purpose. I found Christoph and he has been a marvelous coach in helping me look honestly at myself and what I wanted to make of my life. He is been both supportive and challenging and has held me accountable for my decisions.

Thanks to him I have begun to focus more of my time and energy on things that really matter and to giving back to our community. For those of you looking for a personal coach, I heartily recommend Christoph!”

- Jim D., Lafayette, CA

“Christoph has been a tremendous help to me, helping to implement appropriate time management skills to my lifestyle. Learning to adhere to time blocking was something I heard about in my business, but never paid much attention. Raising four teenagers and having my own business, this has helped me to have more time with family as well as some down time. Pushing me to schedule time off was the best thing ever. I am able to grow my team with his support, as well. I recommend Christoph to anyone who needs help with life’s balancing act!”

- Teresa Z, Walnut Creek, CA

“I highly recommend Christoph’s coaching, as it was immensely helpful for both my business as well as my personal life.

I had been struggling with balancing my life and time, because my business is new and I have been wanting to do so many different marketing efforts at once–re-vamping my whole website, networking in person, writing articles for my website and to get published, preparing for a workshop I am giving, and my personal/social life.

I felt like I never had enough time or energy to do all the things I set out to do.

Christoph helped me by helping me re-examine my goals and my approach, helped me see that I have been over extending myself in certain areas.

He also taught me a lot of practical ways that would help me stay on track with my goals, how to structure my to-do list, how to plan out my day in detail.

Christoph is compassionate and supportive in a genuine way that was very encouraging for me. I loved working with him and have really benefited ever since.

I e-mailed him to let him know that I am much more productive and feel better about things ever since he helped me figure out my time management.

Thank you Christoph :)”

- Elvina L, Alamo, CA

“Christoph has been my coach for over 6 months now. Due to his help my personal life and business life has improved substantially. I have a happy, loving and understanding relationship, my business is doing very well and I have happy clients and I feel I am leading a more fulfilling life because of the help and guidance Christoph has given me. I don’t feel guilty for taking time off now, I am taking more vacations this year then I ever have before and my income has gone up! I am more happy and peaceful and have found more time to do life fulfilling activities. Christoph is a great communicator and has great techniques to help you through the challenges life brings. I highly recommend Christoph to the busy professional who has lost the “LIFE” from their life! Thank you Christoph!”

- Marcella S, Livermore, CA

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