Balance 6 Coaching Testimonials

Read some of our client’s success stories.

Some Kind Words From Our Amazing Clients

“Christoph has worked with me to make sure I am prioritizing myself and my business. He has helped me focus on what is important and a priority so that I can grow my business at a healthy pace. When I was a manager at an insurance company, I was following the same model they were giving everyone else as a new manager, and I was growing but not fast enough for my liking. That was the first time I hired Christoph, in March of 2015. I worked with him on how to improve my efficiencies and even had a session for him to work with my team. After meeting my team, he and I strategized, and he helped me look at my team differently. He had me look outside the standard model I had been given and focus on the strengths and weaknesses of each team member, look back at why they joined my team and what they wanted their career looked like from their perspective. To look at each individual person, to basically see everything they brought to the table. 

By the end of the 2nd quarter in 2015, I was #1 out of 16 managers in the bay area with 656% of my sales quota met, 14 new accounts and also the smallest team at only 5 people. That boost in business saved my career. If I had not had Christoph help me look at things differently and make some drastic changes to my business model, not only would I have not been #1 and gone to Scotland for free, I wouldn’t have had the career I did where I stayed on top, the entire time I was a manager. He saved my career, he helped keep me energized about my very challenging job and position and he also helped some really amazing people I recruited have a happier more successful sales career as a result of his coaching.

I have worked with multiple coaches during my professional sales career over the last 17 years, but Christoph is the coach I hold on to and keep going to back to, because I keep growing and learning how to be a better business owner because of him. It’s hard to say how he has helped me in just a few minutes, so reach out to me if you have any other questions for me.”

- Rebecca Troxell

Founder & CEO, Rebecca’s Vault

“I went to Christoph when I was overwhelmed with demands from work and family, and no time for myself. He taught me how to time block and carefully plan my day. He insisted on putting my own needs first, like having my own recharging “zen” time for 30 minutes every day after work. My performance at work improved a lot, and I was happy at home. I became the #1 manager for the entire Bay Area within my company and I wouldn’t have made it without Christoph. I brought him in to train my team about time management, team building, lead gen and closing techniques. My team’s production increased 4 times over!”

- Rebecca H., Concord, CA

“I strongly recommend Christoph for anyone who needs guidance on managing their lives, whether it’s getting more from your daily grind or making big, life-changing decisions. He does a great of job of addressing all aspects of one’s life–career, relationships, personal goals, and more. Christoph is easy to talk to and provides a lot of insight both directly and through the homework he assigns. 

With Christoph’s help I have made great strides moving my life in the direction I want (working normal hours, giving back to the community, buying a house…woohoo!). I believe that anyone who works with Christoph would benefit greatly from his coaching.”
- Rachel, Oakland, CA

“My business partner and I were getting burned out. We run two businesses together and both have all the extracurricular activities that come with having kids, grandchildren, not to mention husbands who were complaining they didn’t see enough of us. Christoph, in his very approachable non-judgmental way came to our rescue. He has an extensive background not only in time-management but as an educator and counselor. He changed the way we look at our work life vs our family life by giving us the tools to focus in on the important tasks and how to manage them in the office which in turn makes our home life happy. Thank you Christoph for coaching us into having the time to enjoy life again!”
- Rise, Concord, CA

“I was feeling overwhelmed with managing my business ventures because of the struggle balancing home life and work life. I decided to hire Christoph, because he was highly recommended, and I wasn’t getting any results on my own. After a few months of working with him, I haven been able to balance my time in managing 3 businesses and spending more quality time with my family! Being self-employed can lead to many issues that only a great business coach like Christoph can help solve. I am on a better path to a successful 2020 and beyond mainly thanks to Christoph and his business coaching. I couldn’t recommend him enough!”
- Joanne, Pleasant Hill, CA

“I had reached a point in my life where I needed some help in figuring out my priorities between work, family and community. I knew that I wanted to find someone who shared a belief that we were put on this earth for a purpose. I found Christoph and he has been a marvelous coach in helping me look honestly at myself and what I wanted to make of my life. He is been both supportive and challenging and has held me accountable for my decisions.

Thanks to him I have begun to focus more of my time and energy on things that really matter and to giving back to our community. For those of you looking for a personal coach, I heartily recommend Christoph!”

- Jim D., Lafayette, CA

“I highly recommend Christoph for those who want balance in their lives. He straddles the line between business coach and personal coach and offers good suggestions and insights to improve one’s work and personal life. He helps people gain control of their time by identifying and setting their priorities. And he helps them identify long-term goals with specific action steps to work toward those goals.

In my case, that included suggestions that have helped me build more satisfying relationships with my family, find more efficient tools to live my life, and lay a great  foundation for a more productive work life.

His free session was thought-provoking, helpful, and a great taste of his ability and knowledge. His coaching is upbeat, patient,  understanding, and encouraging. Christoph’s a balm for those who want to control their lives rather than be controlled by others.”
- Jim, Concord, CA

“In working with Christoph he gave my partner and I an objective view of our business.  I think as owners we get what I call business myopia, a near nearsightedness that comes from viewing our businesses only from the inside.  Christoph helped elevate our view and look at our processes and employee relationships from the outside in, thus improving our profits and employee moral.

 Christoph helped us to move the bar higher in terms of accountability.  We all know we are accountable to our employees, our partners our customers but in our case we had been on “cruise control”.  Working with Christoph brought back the spark of enthusiasm we needed for us to move forward with each other and raise our standard of accountability.  By using his time management concepts we were able to get shelved projects moving again and even better have the time away from the office be our own.  Thank You, Christoph!”

- Risé G, San Ramon, CA

Owner & Master Esthetician, trioSkincare, Concord, California

“I was skeptical using a business coach before I met Christoph. I knew something had to change, because I would repeat the same old patterns year after year.

I decided that I needed to try a different approach. Luckily, I was introduced to Christoph Nauer. I couldn’t have imagined that in a short time, I would be so far ahead with my marketing and website strategy.

Christoph is very easy to work with. He listens attentively, is generous with his time and always gives constructive feedback. He has shown me new organizational methods that have given me tools for life and he keeps me accountable to my actions.

If you are in a space like I was, where you wanted to make a big change and didn’t know how, then I recommend Christoph Nauer’s coaching methods. If you commit to his program, you will see positive results and a new path forward in less time than you think.

Thank you Christoph!”

- Alan C., San Ramon, CA

“I attended a life-changing workshop by Christoph Nauer recently. It was all about growing your business in the context of time management and increasing your productivity. I implemented his recommendations right away and I’m very pleased with the results. Christoph is a business coach trained by Brian Tracy, and I recommend him highly. He’s helped a number of my friends get organized, reduce their stress, and have a better personal life, not just a better business. Now that I’ve learned a little bit more about his unique approach, I can see why my friends swear by him. What good is making money and having success in business if you don’t enjoy your life? If you have no time? His approach is all about having a balance in all the aspects of your life.”
- Leslie, Walnut Creek, CA

“I was constantly getting sick due to my demanding schedule and lack of rest. Christoph suggested that in order for me to bounce back, I need to give myself permission to take some “guilt free” time off. As a business owner, this was initially hard to do, but it was definitely the best advice ever! I’m so grateful to Christoph as I’m doing much better and able to serve my members more effectively.”
- Angela, Danville, CA

“Do you find yourself burning the candle at both ends and running behind schedule trying manage everything on your plate? What would it be worth to reclaim a few hours of your day to spend on what really matters most to you? Christoph offers an introductory breakthrough session designed to assess where you are and just how intent you are about moving ahead with your goals. If more time is your goal, I’d highly recommend Christoph Nauer with Balance 6!”
- Laura, Livermore, CA

“Christoph helped me get some much needed time in my day with his time management teachings. I highly recommend him to business owners, or anyone who is trying to achieve more with their time!”
- Amanda, Burlingame, CA

“Christoph has been a tremendous help to me, helping to implement appropriate time management skills to my lifestyle. Learning to adhere to time blocking was something I heard about in my business, but never paid much attention. Raising four teenagers and having my own business, this has helped me to have more time with family as well as some down time. Pushing me to schedule time off was the best thing ever. I am able to grow my team with his support, as well. I recommend Christoph to anyone who needs help with life’s balancing act!”

- Teresa Z, Walnut Creek, CA

“Christoph has been my coach for over 6 months now. Due to his help my personal life and business life has improved substantially. I have a happy, loving and understanding relationship, my business is doing very well and I have happy clients and I feel I am leading a more fulfilling life because of the help and guidance Christoph has given me. I don’t feel guilty for taking time off now, I am taking more vacations this year then I ever have before and my income has gone up! I am more happy and peaceful and have found more time to do life fulfilling activities. Christoph is a great communicator and has great techniques to help you through the challenges life brings. I highly recommend Christoph to the busy professional who has lost the “LIFE” from their life! Thank you Christoph!”

- Marcella S, Livermore, CA

“Christoph Nauer is a terrific coach. He believes in having a balanced life and he coaches people to achieve this. Christoph is compassionate, spiritual, understanding and insightful. Christoph has coached me to balance my life better between work and personal responsibilities. My husband was diagnosed with cancer and has had to go through a lot of treatments. I was able to keep my office running while at the same time attend to my husband’s medical appointments. Then the COV19 happened and I had to pivot my work from the office to home. Christoph was invaluable in discussing how to achieve this. Christoph believes in prioritizing goals and then blocking out time to complete the tasks to achieve the goals. I highly recommend Christoph. 5 stars rating!”

- Rhoda D., San Francisco, CA

“When I hired Christoph, my son and I had some relationship problems since my son became an employee in my construction company. Christoph coached me to first work together with him, then delegate and let go. My son brought in new clients on his own and Christoph suggested to make him VP of sales. My business has grown so much that we keep hiring new employees to keep up. Our relationship has improved tremendously as well. I end up making a lot more money than what I had paid for coaching.”

- John S., Walnut Creek, CA

“I can’t even stress in words how vital and life changing working with Christoph has been!! This man is amazing and has been such a key factor in my success this year. I am in sales and this past year was my first year in management and I knew it was going to be a challenge. I am constantly approached by Business Coaches, Life Coaches, etc and I have tried out several different companies/people and not once been happy with the service. To be quite honest, I didn’t even think I needed a coach for my professional or personal life….until I met Christoph.

I was very skeptical at first due to my previous experience, but the biggest thing that got my attention was that his first session was complimentary. I have never been offered that before and after one session with him I was certain he was the right coach for me. The work I have done with Christoph has improved my performance at work, strengthened my relationship with my spouse, created “free” time to do the things that make me happy and I am more profitable and successful in my career than I ever have been out of the 10 years I have been with my company. So much so, that I brought him in for a seminar with my team in October and that resulted in my team’s production increasing 4x over!!

I am currently the #1 manager for the entire Bay Area within my company and I would’ve never made it here without Christoph. He helped make my first year in management a great success and really helped me with my personal relationships so I can be profitable at work and happy at home. I am so grateful to have him as my coach and strongly suggest that anyone considering coaching meet with him first.”

- Rebecca, Concord, CA

“Christoph is passionate about helping business owners become more productive, by working smarter, not harder, getting them to spend more time doing what they love, and with whom they love, which is why they started their business in the first place. Time is an important commodity that can regained by working with Christoph! Highly recommended!”

- Sheilla, Benecia, CA

“Christoph helped me put things into perspective when creating my schedule. I was about to schedule a monthly date night and he was quick to ask why monthly? No, make it weekly. He reminded me not to put my relationship on the back burner, which is so easy to do. He helped calm me down and not feel so overwhelmed; I was able to go home that night and sit down with my boyfriend and create an entire repeating weekly schedule with relative ease, fitting everything in with ample space and timing, making sure no aspect of our lives was neglected or harriedly crammed in one day. I already had chores/baby/work/school figured out on the weekly calendar, but not the other important things like adding date night, spiritual reflection, down-time, alone-time, exercise, etc. 

He helped me with keeping boundaries in place, combating negative thoughts, keeping motivation and easing stress and overwhelm from adjusting to being a parent to a new baby and running my own business while my boyfriend was working and going to school, both full-time.

He asked questions, listened, made wise and sound suggestions, followed-up and continues to follow-up through his motivational emails. I follow him on Facebook, too. And he’s available by phone and text. He always responds right away too. I really appreciate Christoph’s help, and I strongly recommend everyone meet him–he might just change your life and business!”
- Kiera, Concord, CA

“I highly recommend Christoph’s coaching, as it was immensely helpful for both my business as well as my personal life.

I had been struggling with balancing my life and time, because my business is new and I have been wanting to do so many different marketing efforts at once–re-vamping my whole website, networking in person, writing articles for my website and to get published, preparing for a workshop I am giving, and my personal/social life.

I felt like I never had enough time or energy to do all the things I set out to do.

Christoph helped me by helping me re-examine my goals and my approach, helped me see that I have been over extending myself in certain areas.

He also taught me a lot of practical ways that would help me stay on track with my goals, how to structure my to-do list, how to plan out my day in detail.

Christoph is compassionate and supportive in a genuine way that was very encouraging for me. I loved working with him and have really benefited ever since.

I e-mailed him to let him know that I am much more productive and feel better about things ever since he helped me figure out my time management.

Thank you Christoph :)”

- Elvina L, Pasadena, CA

Faster business growth by focusing on critical tasks and implementing systems to delegate everything else

Balance 6 believes that we are at our best when we balance time, money, health, relationships, self-improvement, and higher power.

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