004 – Charliette Cummings

Mar 26, 2021

YouTube video

Hi, I am Charliette Cummings, a Strategic Partner with The Rise of the Once Percent Agency. I help small business owners get more customers and clients on social media with predictability.

We are finding that entrepreneurs are not having the capital for the marketing projects. So we decided to come up with an idea – offer funding to assist entrepreneurs with their marketing projects. We are all specialists at certain things such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Client Acquisition.

Tips from Charliette

  • Use a calendar and schedule time for each task in a day.
  • Stick to a schedule so that you won’t get distracted by all the noise on social media.
  • Color-code your calendar based on task type.
  • Get a mentor! You need to be coached by someone who has been there and done it.

How to contact Charliette Cummings

LinkedIn – The Rise of the One Percent
One Percent Digital Marketing Facebook Group

Prefer to listen on the go? Check out my podcast here.

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