How to make money while asleep

Jan 12, 2021 | Money

Government mandates across the globe are in place requiring a green economy, and the timelines on this keep getting moved forward. Some of you may have heard about the new government mandate that came out this week that will ban the sale of gas-powered vehicle by 2035 in California! This is no surprise to us, we have been watching this green energy trajectory across the globe and here in California for the past decade. The demise of fossil fuels (Exxon was just kicked off the DJIA) and the rise of alternative energy is causing the Largest Shift of Wealth and the Largest Land Rush in history! The crazy part is, most people have no idea it’s happening, or are only seeing bits and pieces of it, but are unable to really see the whole picture, much less make money from it.

Thanks to my friend and personal land banker Marcella, I knew about this and now control over 100,000 square feet of solar land and another same size parcel for mixed-use. If you want to be part of this shift you absolutely have to attend one of Marcella’s webinars. IF you have ever said or thought any of the following, her webinar is for you :

  • I’m sick of tenants, toilets, and termites
  • I’m worried about a stock market crash
  • I’m worried about my investments with the coming election
  • My IRA/401k only goes up when I put money into it
  • I want a safe and peaceful investment
  • I want an investment that can get me a great return
  • I need to do a 1031 exchange

Written by Christoph Nauer.
Christoph is a Brian Tracey certified Time Management Master.
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