What Are Your 3 Best Tips To Manage Your Time?

May 7, 2021 | Time Management

Managing your time is not always easy. How can we use the 24 hours in a day to get everything done, and most importantly, how can we manage our time to live more healthy, to do what we know is necessary, and to handle the urgent tasks?

Here are three time management tips to help you boost your health and productivity in real life.

  1. Eliminate half-work at all costs.

In our age of constant chaos, our focus split between what we are expected to do and the world in which we are bombarded. Usually, we balance the needs of calls, emails, and to-do lists when trying to achieve something. It is not uncommon for us to completely take up this mission. We call this time-and-energy division “half work.”

No matter where you go and how you slip into the half-work trap, the outcome still is the same: you never completely take part in the task, you never do a job for a long time and it takes you twice as long for half.

Half-work is why you can do better on your last day before your holiday (when you really focus) than in the previous two weeks (when you are continually distracted). We struggle with this issue and the only way I have to solve it is to spend time working on one goal and avoiding all else. For the entire preparation, I choose one exercise and make it my only priority. I carve out a few hours (or even a whole day of work) to dig deep into an important project. (i.e., “All other items are extra for the squat.”). 

The only way to get into the work deep, concentrating and avoid fragmented sessions where you are just doing half-work is to eliminate all distractions.

2. Do the most important thing first.

Chaos and chaos continue to escalate throughout the day. At the same time you continue to rob your will all day long through the decisions and choices. At the end of the day, you would be less likely than at first to make a reasonable decision. We found that in my training sessions the same pattern also holds true. As the training progresses, we are less able to complete sets, cut reps and exercise intensely. For all of these reasons, be sure to do it first if we have anything important to do.

You won’t have a day when you don’t get something important done if you do the most important thing first. Usually, you end up getting a successful day in this easy strategy even though not everything goes to schedule. If you do the biggest thing every day, it is the only productivity tip you ever need.

3. Reduce the scope, but stick to the schedule.

There may be times for a realistic deadline, but we agree that, while critical research is carried out on a long-term basis, it is much more efficient to follow a timetable. But if the daily grind is to take place, it is better said than done according to a timetable. Ask someone who wants to do the workshop every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to tell you how difficult it is to keep to your schedule every time. We made a small shift to the timetable in order to counter unplanned distractions and overcome a tendency to be removed. The goal is to put the schedule first and not the scope, which is the opposite of how we usually approach our goals.

Written by Christoph Nauer.
Christoph is a Brian Tracey certified Time Management Master.
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