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Aug 7, 2023 | Uncategorized

I’m excited to announce my first live workshop of 2023! I am collaborating with Diane Labazio with Creative Solution Consulting who specializes in helping small businesses with their marketing and brand strategy from creation to application. If you’ve worked with me (or just talked with me), you know I’m passionate about helping business owners grow their business AND double quality time with family and loved ones, making selfcare a top priority versus an afterthought.

Having said that, even when you’re working with your ideal clients, over time, the sheer amount of work and lack of careful planning, time blocking and delegating can put you in a place of overwhelm and burnout. It’s hard to feel inspired when your business has scaled, and you’re just trying to hang on. That’s why Diane and I are teaming up for our complimentary workshop, ____. She and I will talk about both sides of the same coin. The concepts hit differently when you apply them to your personal life versus your business. And together, we’ll give you some takeaways you can use immediately to help level up not just your business but your life. Because isn’t that why we work so hard? So, we can achieve success on our own terms without sacrificing all of our personal interests because we’re so busy putting out fires? If you’re tired of being tired, overwhelmed, and out of inspiration, then attend our workshop to connect with business owners like yourself, get inspired, and get your groove back.

Join Diane and Christoph on August 22, 2023 for a workshop that will be live, interactive and feature takeaways that you can implement immediately:

– How to consistently target your ideal clients so you’ll have more time for yourself

– How to learn to delegate so you can scale your business without scaling your stress

– How to avoid or deal with burnout by creating systems that give you the work-life balance you need

This collaborative workshop was built upon the shared values of Balance 6 and Creative Solution Consulting. Over the course of the last 3 years as colleagues, Diane and Christoph realized they share an affinity for helping heart-centered entrepreneurs in their separate practices. Together, they know they can help you identify and overcome what’s holding people back from working with their best clients while enjoying all the fruits of their labor.

Register here to claim your spot: https://tinyurl.com/nrsszere

Written by Christoph Nauer.
Christoph is a Brian Tracey certified Time Management Master.
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