Health and Self Care: Part 3

Mar 3, 2022 | Health

In addition to physical well-being, there’s also mental health. Living in a society that always focuses on what we don’t have, trying to convince us that we just need this or that to be happy it’s easy to get caught up in this message. However, focusing on what we do have and developing an attitude of gratitude goes a long way and can change our lives drastically.

In one of Deepak Chopra’s meditations, he eloquently describes the power of gratitude. He says that “experiencing gratitude is one of the best ways of getting in touch with our soul. When I feel gratitude, my ego steps out of the way, allowing me to feel greater love, compassion and understanding.

Genuine gratitude is also one of the most powerful ways to invite more goodness into our lives. It’s like saying to the universe, “Please bring me more of this.” When I connect with this true inner joy, I feel bliss for no reason. Simply to be alive and gaze at the stars, appreciating the miracle of life itself, brings me happiness.

A great place to start is by looking at all the wonderful things I enjoy in my life: my family and friends, my home, the miracle of my body and mind, material comforts, so many things that I just take for granted. My life is filled with abundance in any way. When I appreciate my life in this manner any thoughts of lack or limitation disappear and it reminds me to focus on and count all my blessings.

I realize that everything I experience is a gift. A feeling of warmth, love and compassion enters my heart. I find peace in knowing that there’s a divine plan moving me forward on my evolutionary path. I start seeing goodness in everything in my life and embrace each moment as an opportunity to become more loving and thankful. I look at my life and make a list of the many things I appreciate. Being grateful for all these things will open my mind to attract even more abundance into my life.”

We need to be grateful regardless of any situation, circumstances, or personal experience. A fantastic book to read in this regard is The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Peale.

If you currently have absolutely nothing on your schedule for yourself, identify 3 items that you’d love to have as part of your life. Choose some things that would recharge your batteries and would make a huge difference in your life if you did them on a regular basis. These items are different for each person.

Here are some examples from previous clients:

  • writing
  • journaling
  • calling a friend
  • taking a walk
  • listening to music
  • watching comedy
  • swimming
  • reading

Write your items on a sticky note and post it on the bathroom mirror, so it’s in your face, you can’t miss it. About once a week, move the note to a different location before it becomes part of the furniture and you won’t notice it any longer.

Lots of people feel guilty or not worthy. A client of mine said to me, “Thanks so much for giving me permission to put myself first. WOW! I’m important enough to take care of myself!”

You deserve it. Yes, you deserve it and you need it. Putting yourself last is not helping anyone, least of all your family, your loved ones and yourself. So, start today, NOW, not later.

Remember your purpose! 

The purpose of my life is:

Are You Aligned with Your Purpose? Ask yourself:

Do I feel refreshed and ready to go when I wake up?

What’s my exercise routine?

Am I happy with my weight? If not, what am I doing about it?

What is the most important outcome right now?

What am I doing to feel well? What am I making time for?

Is it time to outsource the stuff that doesn’t add energy to my life?

Is my free time fulfilling my needs and wants (If not, what steps will I take to change that)?

Written by Christoph Nauer.
Christoph is a Brian Tracey certified Time Management Master.
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