How can I maximize my time?

Jan 15, 2021 | Time Management

Managing time is something which many people are struggling with. The trick to handling your time effectively is to decide what you want to do, and when. This way, instead of being reactive in “catch-up” mode, you remain constructive and in “shoot.” Yet it’s easier said than done to control your time. It is quick to turn the early morning siren into a digital projectile when the alarm clock begins to beep for you to get up and exercise because it seemed like such a great idea the night before. You hurl it as far across the room as possible because at that particular moment in time, the idea of sweating makes you want to sob. It is when you don’t understand your intent that you begin to feel emotional discomfort, and then become a “grumpy pants.” In fact, what you concentrate on is a direct reflection of yourself. Values motivate actions and outcomes decide behavior. 

Here’s three ways to maximize your time:

  1. Have a goal
    Its aim is to provide clarification and direction. It creates the energy that you need to be efficient because you believe in it. Working toward something is much easier when we know what the “something” is. In addition, a goal provides input as it calls you back to the true north when your conduct starts falling off the course. Ask yourself where you enjoy spending time compared to where you have to spend your time to understand what drives you. Were they identical? If not, then it might be time for realignment.
  2. Make lists
    Not necessarily intuitive to the whole idea of time management but hear me out. Take a paper sheet and draw a vertical line down the middle. Write down on one side the activities of the day that are necessary for you to accomplish, such as exercising, spending time with the kids or reading on your own for just 20 minutes. The knowledge of essential items decreases the burden of contributing to the second board, which are the pressing objects. There are customary urgencies, such as corridor calls, and emergencies that come from nowhere, such as the irritating inbox chime the appears to demand immediate attention. Move the desperately needed items until the important things are completed the next day.
  3. Make yourself predictable
    If crises happen, they throw out of whack your everyday schedule, so the things you expected to complete are moved to the back burner. Remedy this by creating a fixed routine for checking addresses, workouts or socializing. The more predictability you can bring into your schedule, the more openings you will be aware of when arising, where you can interject emergencies.

    The best people are capable of optimizing their time. We also found that wasted productive time is consuming a high degree of success. The control of time is for individuals with reasonable expectations. You must learn to optimize, not control, time if you want to reach high productivity. Maximizing time is not a clock slave or an e-calendar alarm. Mental hardness is at stake. The ability to focus and implement solutions, especially in view of difficulty, is mental toughness. Without a plan to achieve them. 
Written by Christoph Nauer.
Christoph is a Brian Tracey certified Time Management Master.
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