The best services you could outsource to free up your skilled employees and resources:

Nov 25, 2018 | Time Management

Part of what might be causing you stress in the workplace may be that you and your skilled employees are trying to take on too much. There are a number of services that you could consider outsourcing to freelancers or to third-party companies. This outsourcing action can help you to meet with demands during peak periods without wearing your team thin and while saving money on skilled labor assistance. Here are some top aspects of your day-to-day operations that you could prioritize and outsource to free up more of your schedule:

Accounting: Getting a financial officer or even a part-time outsourced account can be an excellent way that you can handle the process of bookkeeping, tax preparation and more. Keeping up with these day-to-day functions can be exhausting for a CEO or manager but this is one of the first things that many companies outsource.

Social media: social media management is becoming a popular outsourced task today. For your marketing effort in continuing to stay connected with your customers, social media has become a full-time job. There are many social media management companies as well as professionals that you can use part-time to boost your social media success.

Content creation/blogging: new content creation and blogs for your website are essential to reaching out your customer base. By hiring a freelance writer or website management specialist you can have an endless stream of content without having to spend hours creating it.

Janitorial services: outsourcing your cleaning services can be an excellent way that you can free up time and resources with your staff. In the early stages of the company it may be simple for your employees to keep their desk and the whole office clean, as your company grows however it becomes much more essential to outsource janitorial services.

IT services: You likely don’t need a full-time IT department to keep your company up and running. By outsourcing your IT services to a dedicated provider that is willing to work hourly, you can have the support that you need for a variety of IT tasks. Part time IT professionals can handle upgrading your system infrastructure, maintaining your computers, maintaining your website and more without having to break the bank or have one of your employees spend time on these actions.

Data entry/Simple tasks: By working with a professional VA (Virtual Assistant) part-time it’s possible that you can prioritize a number of different items within your day and improve the amount of work that you get done. Virtual assistants can help with everything from making phone calls, scheduling appointments, data entry and more.

Keep some of these top services in mind for outsourcing to improve your personal and company health, have more time off and reduce stress.

Written by Christoph Nauer.
Christoph is a Brian Tracey certified Time Management Master.
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